Born and raised on whiskey and fairytales in Ireland, I now live and write in New York’s Hudson Valley. When I was a grub here’s what I wanted to be . . .

at 5

at 5, a nurse
at 6, a farmer’s wife

at 6at 7, a storyteller.at 7In reality, I grew up to be a theatre director, and a producer of documentaries and arts events.

beckettGlasses http://www.waitingforbeckett.com.

I became a wife (but not a farmer’s wife), a mother of three, and rekindled my love of children’s books.  

at 32

I realized what the 7 year old me had known all along—my true calling was to be a writer.                                           at 47

What makes me salivate? An exuberant half-wild garden, old, clothbound children’s books, art supplies, natural dyed yarns, spice markets, anywhere with a tantalizing smell.
Favorite places to hang out: by the sea, in a hammock, on a park bench, a crowded café, a mountaintop.
Favorite writing implement: fountain pen, knife sharpened pencil.
Person I’m most in awe of: a great teacher.
Talent I’d most like to have: to be able to make beautiful music.