New arrival
On the doorstep
Small black cat.


Wheezing, runny eyes
Ear mites and worms
Small black cat


Vet looks gloomy
Hope not proffered
Small black cat


Hand-fed, caressed
Cradled in laps
Small black cat


Feisty young ‘un
Up and at it
Small black cat


Pouncing lessons
Hearts won, much fun
Small black cat.



25 thoughts on “SMALL BLACK CAT

    1. Melissa Shaw-Smith Post author

      Thanks, Jeanne. Yes, it took a couple of paw put-downs before the feline hierarchy was established.

  1. The Jagged Man

    The Bride and I have rescued two black cats. One very smallish and destined for the pound (on Halloween no less) and one very sick. This story tugs at my heart because of the bad “reputation” blacks cats have. Also because the sick kitten, now a full grown monster-of-love, was not supposed to make it.
    Great post, words and captures!

    1. Melissa Shaw-Smith Post author

      Into everything! Worse than a toddler. She’s sitting on my keyboard as I try to type!

      1. Argus

        It’s when they bat your fingers with their paws as you’re typing that’s the worry—in case they get you inadvertently writing naughty words …

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