DSCF9362These hands–
they hold
and push
and pull
and eat
and give
and slap
and dig
and stir
and knit
and write
and carry
and punch
and caress
and grasp
and pluck
and stroke
and grip
and make love
and cling
and release
and wave
and cradle
and wash
and feed
and clap
and hug
and soothe
and let go.


20 thoughts on “THESE HANDS

  1. Roger Baker-Utah

    Hands are the perfect metaphor for all we do and are and aspire to become. I admire the intertwined translucence of the hands in your photo. At once tender and firmly supporting. I wrote a similar poem in 2000, of the same title, which I will post on my Rabbit Lane-Utah blog for you to see.


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