DSCF0423When russet beech leaves coat the ground
And bark is bare in field and wood
An evergreen to tease the eye
As winter’s symbol should.

Sprig of holly at the door
To ward off lightning, poison, war
Druid staff, Witch’s brew
Sword forger’s friend
Dreamcatcher, too—
nine sharp leaves bound in cloth
with nine tight knots
will conjure truth,
according to the old belief.

Holly King rules his natural realm
And never far from his side
From summer’s height to winter’s chill
Fidelity, his ivy bride.

Sprig of ivy up the wall
Keeps home safe from beast and squall
Lover’s bind, Good luck plea
A poet’s crown
bridal wreath intertwined
carried by a blushing maid
will ensure a fruitful match,
according to the old belief.

Pagan totem, Christian sign
No matter what it cares to mean
The holly and the ivy’s gift—
The ever present, Evergreen.

Whatever holiday you celebrate, may you find moments of peace and joy.
Best wishes, Melissa




20 thoughts on “EVERGREEN

  1. charissagrace

    Melissa…you can figure out from my past comments on other things just how I feel about this…structure, balance, nuance, wistful, promise
    thank you, Charissa

    PS: Merry Christmas (for that is my way of it)…you have been a gift to me this year that I am grateful of!

  2. Melissa Shaw-Smith Post author

    Charissa, I really appreciate your feedback. I’ve enjoyed reading your work this year, too. Many good wishes for 2015 – Melissa

  3. aussiebirder

    I love your expression in your poetry, the honest deliberate phrases. I have been trying to find words to express it. I love your style. I use to write poetry before I wrote songs years ago. I love your style and the passion in it. Thanks again!


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