Fawn, in the future
no doubt, I’ll curse you, for now
eat the sweet mulberries


10 thoughts on “FAWN

  1. Argus

    Strange how mama collects flies and little Bambi hasn’t yet learnt the knack—don’t worry, cutie—it will come. (And then you will have something to curse~!)

  2. peakperspective

    Yum. Venison.
    And I know they will be extra delicious this year because they made their way from north to south in my garden. Perhaps they will taste like blueberries, cucumbers, arugula and tomatoes.
    I shall report back.

    1. Melissa Shaw-Smith Post author

      I’ve just been oohing and aahing over a pair of fawns kick boxing outside my study window. But it’s so difficult not to take it personally when they go for the blossom or fruit or greens you’ve been so carefully cultivating all season. A local bow hunter gifted me with some truly delicious venison, perhaps well fed by my garden! Yes, the circle of life . . .


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