IMG_2557She was undone by small things
a lost button, a missed call, stale bread.
Her ribs could only expand to take in so much air
Guilt was a wolf’s shadow haunting
the end of her bed at night.
To darn a frayed patch gave her some satisfaction—
a wound remade with stout thread.
For brief moments she could make the world
stand still, cup water in her hands and watch
the pink light slipping through her fingers.
The veil was pulled back
skin against skin, moments so intense
tears burst from her eyes making her
laugh with joy and surprise.


17 thoughts on “UNDONE

  1. charissagrace

    this is breath taking Mel…each line drew just a short sharp inhale from me, and then the next before I could let out my breath, until by the end my lungs were full and that last couplet and my exhale came as one…fabulous.

    I wonder, do you think if you cursored to the first line, and put the cursor between the pic and the first line and held down the shift key and pushed enter, if you would like that result? the pic, standing alone and the poem directly under?

    No matter…this one is a keeper!!

    1. Melissa Shaw-Smith Post author

      I’m delighted to have such an astute reader and I always value your opinion. Thank you, Charissa.

  2. Aquileana

    Absolutely emotional and well penned… A roller coaster of memories and feelings… You really caught their ephemeral and elusive essence here, dear Melissa… I love it…
    All my best wishes. Aquileana ☀️


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