. . . and then I returned
to the comforting leak of the pantry light

across the kitchen floor
reclaiming the hearth

the carved out space
to creep beneath, inhabit

the familiar echo off the walls
a hum, deep inside me

a coming to earth
solid weight

nestling into the embrace
of the small green chair

sinking back into the habitual
flow, feeling it wash over me

through winter chilled glass
reimagining myself with

familiar landscape
owl moon, blue shadows on snow

car headlights tossing snowflakes
shattering my silence from below.


19 thoughts on “RECLAIM

    1. Melissa Shaw-Smith Post author

      Felinity, now that’s a great word. Cat’s may appear inscrutable, but their habits are an open book.

  1. Sunshine Jansen

    Could be a twin to my Claudio; love the effect with the green eyes. And the poem captures so well the many things with which a cat is in tune…


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