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The year has rocked this world to its roots.
What if for one day each being put down
their burdens, their words of hate, their inhumanity
and breathed in the presence?
Stopped fighting for history, for fears, hopes, dreams
and stood facing the morning sun
letting the warmth of the moment
and the next, the next, accumulate like dust at their feet
Listened instead of spoke, acknowledged truth,
embraced silence.

What if for one day each being acknowledged the fear
and let it go? Suspended beliefs
opened their arms, drew strength
through earth, grass, rock, sand
Found the sparrow singing from a lone bush
the small heart-shaped cloud
Felt the currents of air wash over them, mingle
with the breath, and let the seams unravel
borders blend, walls dissolve
and be



The first kiss of warmth on my face
Like a returning lover,
Sends a glow deep into my core
Grounding me.
I stand, eyes closed,
Paying homage,
In the oldest human ritual:
Greeting the sun.
Her ultraviolet energy
Travels through space
Seeps into my skin, my blood
My liver, my kidneys
My bones.
Sparking the parts of my brain
That hold primordial messages—
Wake up!
Seek food, share, mate,
Laugh, take joy, create.

No wonder I bask in her glory
She balances my world,
Propels me forward
To greet the day.