IMG_9334Put me by
Moving water
When I’m old.
A lake, a sea, a stream—
any wet thing.
So long as I can watch
Light-play on the surface,
The membrane dappled by wind,
Hear the glug and gurgle of water pockets
slapping the hulls of moored boats,
And smell the tang of moisture in the air,
I will be happy.


12 thoughts on “MOVING WATER

  1. Cat Amesbury

    It’s hard for someone who has never lived by water to understand how silent and tasteless it is in its absence. This is a beautiful capturing of that feeling. Thank you.

    1. writeejit Post author

      Thanks, Cat. Yes, growing up in Ireland, you’re never far from water–a lake, a river, or the sea. It’s in the blood, so to speak.

    1. writeejit Post author

      Yes, there’s something about the sound of the ocean that has a wonderful soothing effect . . . perhaps it reminds us of the womb!

    1. writeejit Post author

      There’s something about sleeping next to water that induces a deep, deep calm. Thanks for taking the time to comment on the poem. Glad it struck a chord.


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