DSCF5033It’s a tough time of year for me as a writer. Yes, I have spring writer’s fever and  I’m itching to explore new projects, and eager to finish revisions.  But I have one big problem. My brain needs sugar! Like the hummingbird  who flits from flower to flower to satiate his unending need for nectar–they consume half their body weight in sugar each day– I too need to feed the receptor in my brain that’s drawn to nature. Here are a few of the things that keep me from putting my butt in my seat on an hourly basis.

DSCF4990 DSCF4827 DSCF4838

My garden is constantly beckoning through the window.

DSCF4977 DSCF5052

And then there’s the woodland and the hedgerows . . .

DSCF4737  DSCF4908 IMG_8869 IMG_8864

And the wildlife . . .

IMG_8852 IMG_8623  IMG_8985 DSCF4691

What’s a writer to do, except–

Gather ye rosebuds while ye may,
Old time is still a-flying;
And this same flower that smiles today
Tomorrow will be dying.
–Robert Herrick (17th century)



16 thoughts on “BRING ON THE SUGAR

  1. randee

    I love everything about this post. The photography is beautiful and your home and gardens look so peaceful. And I really love the poem and agree with it – take time to smell (gaze upon) the roses (all that beautiful vegetation around your home).

    1. writeejit Post author

      Randee, I hope you have a little patch of your own peace. Getting out there and pulling a few weeds is the quickest, cheapest route to therapy for me! Thanks for your kind words.

  2. Brenda

    Love your gardens, Melissa. And your photos make me want to see more. The weather has been so gorgeous it’s hard going back inside. But I know you’re still writing. Brenda

    1. writeejit Post author

      Thanks, Brenda. Glad you’re enjoying the photos. I’m trying hard not to feel guilty for spending more time outside than in, but I know that soon it’ll be too hot to get out there except in the early morning. Enjoy!

  3. emma shaw-smith

    Hi Liss, If that’s sugar, I say ”Go for it!”( just corrected typo that said ”Hoe for it!”). Garden and nature looking lovely in your photos. Ex

    Emma Shaw-Smith


  4. narble

    There are always excuses hovering for not putting your butt in the chair. The trick is, I think, to pick the right ones to use, something that brings you peace or makes you laugh. Those will fill up that well for when your butt IS in the chair.


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