IMG_0129Who knew you could fall in love
All over again?
I’d gone my separate way
Without too many backward glances,
Just the odd intense
Pang in the gut
At the scent of seaweed on salt air,
Or the whiff of ladies bedstraw
Crushed underfoot.
And yet the sight of a stone wall curving over a hillock
Could trick the eye momentarily,
Sending memories coursing through the blood.

Who would have believed
A week in the coast guard station
Above Bun Owen pier
Would set the heart reeling with delight
At the soft haze of the Twelve Bens and Maumtrasna
Ringing the bay?

The wooing was gentle
As the rain.
Small things sent to delight me—
Posies of wild flowers,
The keening cry of oyster catchers
skimming the waves,
A pocketful of shells,
The sun setting in stunning bursts of light
Worthy of a baroque cathedral
Over Slyne head.
But there it was, rekindled again,
A love to end all seasons.



10 thoughts on “CONNEMARA

    1. writeejit Post author

      Thanks, Jeanne. You know the old adage, you have to go away from a place (or a person) to really appreciate it.

  1. Jean Reinhardt

    Beautiful sentiment. We had to leave Ireland for about eight years and I was quite homesick. Your poem touched my heart, reminding me of that longing for home. I found your site on a google search as your poem had a similar line to what I was looking for.

    1. Melissa Shaw-Smith Post author

      Dear Jean, Thanks so much for letting me know. Glad it meant something for you. All the best, Melissa


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