Maumtrasna Mountains, Co. Mayo. Ireland

The oak root
Stopped me in my tracks,
Rearing out of the bog,
A creature of fantasy.
Sentry from a long gone forest
Mowed down by ice-age
And time,
Buried under eons of sphagnum moss
Rush and sedge,
Silt from mountain streams—
sandstone, granite, the odd fleck of gold.
All these and more swaddled its limbs,
Blocking out oxygen
Bathing it in tannic acid,
Preserving it:
Bog monster.


Maumtrasna Mountains, Co. Mayo. Ireland




9 thoughts on “BOG OAK

  1. The Typist @ The Bourbon Narratives

    Hello Melissa,

    What a pleasure to hear from you. I apologize that it took me a day or two to get back with you, but I wasn’t home last night. Thank you kindly for writing and letting me know you read my blog. I did respond back to your email that was sent through my ‘contact’ page, perhaps it was the wrong address you had listed. Jameson Whiskey is a particular favorite whiskey of mine. I hope you’ll not be offended by this, but I also enjoy Bushmill’s occasionally, they are both great Irish Whiskey’s. I too am glad you know that all bourbon is classified as whiskey, but not all whiskey is bourbon. I’m partial to bourbon over whiskey I suppose. Not because it is only a U.S. product, but the corn it is blended with gives it a different flavor than an Irish or Scotish whiskey. My favorites are Maker’s Mark and Elijah Craig.

    Co. Kerry huh? I lived between Dublin and Co. Cork in the early ninties. I loved Ireland! I recognize so much when reading your blog, which is terrific by the way. Thanks again for writing, feel free anytime. You may feel free to delete this message, I’m not looking for followers, and this message is kind of long winded – just kindly responding back to you.

    My best to you,

    1. writeejit Post author

      Thank you. The natural world is my inspiration, and it’s always gratifying to know that I’ve hit upon something that resonates with others.


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