DSCF7174Like a fishing heron
I will stand on one leg
And wait
For the healing to begin.

It starts deep inside
The silent knitting together
Of cells and tissues
Into an intricate suspension bridge
Spanning the wound

The restorative mind fixes its beam
On the hotspot
Tapping the reserves
Of sunlight and music
Channeling the resources
Of tea and compassion
The balm of small feats mustered

It is a balancing act
A resolution
To keep the self-pity genie
Stoppered in its bottle

A humbling of the spirit
A discovery that strength and patience
Are one and the same.


30 thoughts on “HEALING

  1. Barbara Prole FitzPatrick

    How are you, Melissa? Very apt poem for the day as I am having my knee replaced in a fortnight. Will have large wound upon which to contemplate. Hope all is well with you over the pond. Best wishes. Barbara

    1. Melissa Shaw-Smith Post author

      Shawn, Sorry to hear about your ankle. I hope it’s on the mend. Yes, its a truly humbling experience. All the best, Melissa

    1. Melissa Shaw-Smith Post author

      You’re so very kind for commenting. Discovering that I can express some of my curiosity and wonder at the world through verse has been a great joy for me.

  2. aussiebirder

    You have such a craft with words, beautiful imagery, we all need to healing in our own particular places in the heart, due to the many injuries from life’s journey, mostly from our family of origin but generally from our love deficit. Thanks for sharing with such rich honesty.


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