IMG_0968Rooster            blue jay            crow                        wind chime
Rooster            blue jay            wind chime                        cat
Rooster            cat            airplane
Rooster            blue jay            cat            barred owl
Barred owl
Barred owl
Barred owl            crow            chickadee

            Leaf rustle            cat

Wind chime
Crow            wind chime

            Chickadee chickadee chickadee



16 thoughts on “WINTER SOUNDS II

    1. Melissa Shaw-Smith Post author

      We have a good two feet of snow on the ground and bitter cold– 2 degrees F. this morning, so I’m not sure you’d really want to swap places. But it is a wonderful time of year to look for the small, special signs of nature. Thanks for reading!

  1. Argus

    Nice shot … words remind me a bit of that scene in movie ‘A Year in Provence’ (Pt 2) where the poor woman is driven to distraction by the rooster (‘That bloody cock!’) and sends in an armed assassin with a rifle …

    1. Melissa Shaw-Smith Post author

      Luckily I enjoy the sound of the rooster and hens going about their business. I have a feeling our neighbor on the other side of the woods may not have appreciated them quite so much. The rooster has gone surprisingly silent of late!

  2. charissagrace

    Please tell me that is how they happened for you!! 🙂

    I was there! Silent, composed there, sipping tea without noise while we listened to the creation symphony unfold for us.

    Really enjoyed this one. Later today I am going to imagine how long each space was/is…and listen for my own winter sounds so different in the small city I live in during a NW wet winter swaddled in El Nino effects…

    1. Melissa Shaw-Smith Post author

      Glad you enjoyed it. Symphony is such an apt phrase–and exactly what I think of when I listen to the natural world around me. Like an orchestra, the layers of sound play out, and I feel privileged to have front row seats.

    1. Melissa Shaw-Smith Post author

      Yes! That’s how I heard it and hoped to convey the symphony of winter sounds. Thanks, Roger.

  3. pearlz

    If you read the post carefully it asks you if you wish to nominate others for the award and post them in a list. Up to you totally. I just thought it was so kind for a friend to nominate me for this and often ready your blog and reblog it.


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